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Timi modeler

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What is Timi modeler

Timi modeler allows you to create very accurate predictive models for any kind of prediction: binary targets, continuous targets and multi-class targets.

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Key features

Timi modeler offers an user-friendly GUI tool for predictive modelling. It provides full automation when creating new models, with high scalability, speed and accuracy.

Key features

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Video tutorials of Timi modeler’s Wizard and Advanced Interface, documentation, training sessions and other ressources for Timi modeler.

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Propensity-to-buy Models – B2C – banking,telco,retail – cross-selling/up-selling

With Timi, we can easily do cross-selling. Let’s assume that you have a database of all your customers. Some of them have a credit card, some of them have a life insurance. You can use Timi to create a model that predict if a customer is willing to buy a credit card. On the same database, you can also use Timi to predict if a customer is willing to buy a life insurance.

Propensity-to-buy Models – B2B

Let’s assume that you are working inside a bank. You have a dataset that describes all the companies in Europe or America. Such information are directly available here, or here, for example. You can use Timi on this dataset to create a model that predicts if a company is willing to accept a leasing proposition from your bank.

Probability of Default – B2B – banking, risk assesment, Healthcare

You can use Timi on the same table as for the previous point to create a model that predict if a company will go bankrupt within the forecoming 6 months.

Propensity-to-buy Model – B2C – retail

Let’s assume that you possess a large table that describes all the customers in your country. Let’s now assume that a company X that is selling cars is coming to see you. They want to know the best leads to sell their cars. They have the name and address of the people that already have bought their cars. You can easily use Timi to create a model that predict if an individual is willing to buy a car from company X.

Churn Prediction – B2C,B2B – Telco,Banking

Let’s assume that you are working inside a telecommunication operator in the mobile phone department. You can use Timi on your cutomer database to create a model that predicts if a customer will churn (.i.e. change to another mobile phone operator).

Optimal resouce allocation – B2C – retail

Let’s assume that we have to decide in which geographical region to install a new agency for your company. We have to estimate the business potential of all the regions and choose the best one. Timi can find the best site for you.


Fast and accurate predictive models

Timi modeler produces predictive models that are significantly more accurate than other off-the-shelves tools. This fact is demonstrated by our outstanding results at various world-level data mining competitions (KDD Cups) and by real industrial benchmarks.

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Easily predict any target

If you have a datawarehouse, in only a few hours, any junior dataminer is able to test if your data contain some potential to generate good return. Based on this preliminary analysis, you can decide to proceed. No more technological difficulties, no more versatile and expensive staff to recruit.

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Automatic selection and recoding of variables

Timi modeler is one of the very few modeling tools that provides full automation when creating new predictive models. Everything is automated, even the production of the Analyst Reports in Excel and Word.

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Handle thousands of variables and millions of records

Timi modeler is able to “digest” BIG data (i.e. TIMi is highly scalable). The ability to create predictive models on very large datasets is one of the reason why Timi delivers predictive models of unmatched accuracy.

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No sensitivity to missing data

You don’t need to lose several months cleaning your data before using Timi. You can use Timi directly on the database containing your operational data to quickly obtain accurate and actionable predictive models.

Low risk of overfitting

To avoid over-fitting, the accuracy on the creation dataset should be more or less equal to the accuracy on the test dataset. Timi is designed to avoid overfitting automatically.

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Customer stories

Solutions for the Telecom Industry
Bouygues Telecom - Telecom operator in France

Create now un-rivaled Timi predictive models on large graph based data sets using LinkAnalytics. The ultimate solution to extract advanced Social Network Algorithms metrics out of gigantic social data graphs.

VOO + big data = Timi
VOO - Triple Play Telecom in Belgium

We reduced by 10% the churn on the customer-segment with the highest churn rate.

The best ROI on time!
Digicel - Mobile network provider in Central America and Oceania

The Timi Suite includes a very flexible ETL tool that swiftly handles terabyte-size datasets on an ordinary desktop computer.