Timi is an analytic platform that covers all analytical needs, from the most basic data collection,
KPI & dashboards to the creation of high-accuracy predictive Models.

TIMi removes the pain usually associated with analytic systems and replace it with a responsive, interactive,
visual, mouse-based, self-service interface. Exploring your data has never been so much fun!

With TIMi, companies can capitalize on their corporate data to develop new ideas,
make critical business decisions faster and easier than ever before.

TIMi includes 4 tools:



The heart of the TIMi Integrated Platform.

Timi modeler

Timi modeler

Timi’s automated
model builder



3D segmentation
and visualisation tool



Unlimited self service
business Intelligence


Fast as lightening

During analytical projects, analysts typically works on 2 tasks:
(1) data management (data cleaning, feature engineering, KPI creation)
(2) modeling.

TIMi is several orders of magnitude faster than any other solution when it comes to perform these 2 tasks.

e.g. For data management: one laptop equipped with TIMi has more computing power than 50 large hadoop-based servers.
For (predictive) modeling: TIMi creates high-accuracy models in a few minutes where SAS, R, Python requires several hours (sometime several days).

TIMi is Fast

Easy & Self-Service data management

Forget complex, costly, lengthy and code intensive data management procedure. Manipulating your data has never been simpler & intuitive. With just a few clicks, you can extract data, clean data, join several databases, aggregate data in meaningful KPI’s, create new predictive models. Anatella is one of the most user friendly data management tool available today and it’s also one of the fastest, most versatile tool: i.e. In a few mouse-clicks, you can do practically any machine learning task: data mining, text mining, graph mining, etc. Anatella also has unique functionalities that allows you to easily collaborate with your colleagues, whatever their coding expertise. Thanks to Anatella, the more business-oriented users (without any coding knowledge) can easily collaborate with the most technically advanced users (Python Coder, R coder, Hadoop Developper) to produce outstanding value for your company.

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Ethical analytics solution

You are working with TIMi because that’s technically the better solution: The only “lock-in” situation that we pursue is the one of Excellence. This is why we declare ourselves as an “Ethical Solution”: No “lock-in” situation, just Excellence.

You can have the 100% guarantee that you are safe working with us (e.g. we will never “take hostage” your data).

We believe that we can live in a better world if we start using more the data that surrounds us. This is why TIMi is 100% for free for humanitarian companies and projects, NGO’s, start up companies, universities, students, etc.

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Automated Modeling

Timi is one of the very few modeling tools that provides full automation when creating new predictive models. Everything is automated, from variable selection, sampling and validation, to data audit and model reports in Excel and Word.

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Enhanced data compatibility

Directly connect to a vast variety of “classical” relational databases through standard OleDB or ODBC connectors (which includes Oracle, Teradata, DB2, SQL Server, etc.) or any data sources using the many ad-hoc built-in connectors.

Anatella handles flawlessly tabular/structured data (i.e. Database tables, Excel tables, CSV files, etc.) and unstructured data (to read&write complex, multi-level XML or JSON files).

Anatella is particularly well integrated with the Hadoop eccosystem. For example, Anatella directly connects to any HDFS drives to give you instantaneous access to your Hadoop cluster, just using your mouse. Anatella supports natively reading&writing the famous .parquet files (very common in the hadoop world) directly from/to a HDFS drive.

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3D Segmentation

Segment your customer base and and explore the entire studied population in real-time using an exclusive 3D segmentation methodology.

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Using practically no infrastructure (e.g. typically 2 or 3 laptops), the Timi’s real-time analytical
engine updates easily every day your 360° customer-view, all your KPI’s and
all your predictive models to track any customer behavior change at all time.

Customer stories

Solutions for the Telecom Industry
Bouygues Telecom - Telecom operator in France

Create now un-rivaled Timi predictive models on large graph based data sets using LinkAnalytics. The ultimate solution to extract advanced Social Network Algorithms metrics out of gigantic social data graphs.

VOO + big data = Timi
VOO - Triple Play Telecom in Belgium

We reduced by 10% the churn on the customer-segment with the highest churn rate.

The best ROI on time!
Digicel - Mobile network provider in Central America and Oceania

The Timi Suite includes a very flexible ETL tool that swiftly handles terabyte-size datasets on an ordinary desktop computer.