Not all predictive analytics tools are born equal

The main objective of any “Advanced Analytic” tool is to generate the best, most accurate, ranking (or “list of candidates”). There are mainly 2 different approaches to generate the ranking: segmentation or prediction. Different softwares use different approaches. Segmentation tools This covers 99% of the available tools. These tools are very easy to create and

Of the utility of the TEST dataset

Of the utility of the TEST dataset Let’s assume that we want to create a ranking (or a “list of candidates”) for a marketing campaign using predictive technique. Let’s give a practical and real example. Let’s assume that we are end of 2009 and you are selling a “GPS device” (like Garmin or TomTom). You

Not all lifts are born equal

Not all lifts are born equal Let’s return to the same example as for the previous section about “CRM tools”. Let’s assume that you want to do a direct-mail marketing campaign for one of your product. You must find all the customers that are susceptible to buy your product and send them a brochure or

Controlling model drift with Timi modeler

Timi modeler is a great tool to get models fast. It doesn’t mean they have to be “rough” or ‘inaccurate”. With its default settings, Timi modeler allows citizen data scientists to have, very quickly, a robust model that will have an incredible lift, and identify properly the key variables, and will do a very good job